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Bing's Book Bundle


Bing's Book Bundle. Make World Book Day great with Bing's Book Bundle and receive 25% off the total bundle value!


Comprises the following products:


Bing Annual 2022. Activity book with stories. Join Bing and his friends for some festive fun in this brand-new annual based on the award-winning CBeebies series!

Jam-packed with all new short stories, puzzles, activities and colouring pages, the Bing Annual 2022 is a treasure trove of Bing fun!


Bing's Birthday Party Book. In this fun and colourful picture book, Bing is having his birthday party!

Bing can't wait for the party to start! He wants to play pass the parcel, eat cake and show his friends his new birthday present – the Waka-oke machine. But will Bing’s party go to plan?


Bing's Snowy Day. Bingsters will look forward to some winter fun by reading through this new picture book, about the joys and perils of playing in the snow.


Bing has been given a shiny new Hoppity Rocket Sledge for Christmas and he can’t wait to go out and vooooooosh it in the snow! But what will happen when he forgets to listen to Flop?


Bing's Halloween Party Book. Get ready for some spooky costume fun with Bing and his friends in this brilliant new Halloween picture book!

It is Halloween and Bing is dressed up as his favourite dinosaur, super-bitey Biteysaurus, for a special pumpkin party in the park! RAAAAAAR!  But is his costume a bit too scary for his little cousin Charlie?


Bingsters will love to see Bing and his friends in their Halloween costumes and can join in with their own fancy dress!


Merry Christmas Bing! Book. This beautifully illustrated festive picture book is perfect for your Bingster this Christmas. Based on the Bing episode "Presents", Bing's Christmas book shows children the importance of patience, resilience and imagination and is a great read over the holiday season.


It’s Christmas Day and Bing can’t wait to open up his big present. He really hopes it is a Hoppity Rocket Sledge so he can vooooosh it through the snow really fast! But will Bing get what he wants and can he wait until his friends arrive to find out?



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