Toilet Training Bundle

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Bing's Toilet Training Bundle. Make Toilet Training great with Bing's Bundle and receive 15% off the total bundle value!


Bing My Toilet Train Sticker Book. The perfect book for children who are learning to toilet train! Reward your Bingsters progress with this new sticker book containing a reward chart and reusable stickers.

Bing and his friends encourage children to move out of nappies and in to grown-up pants! With simple puzzles and activities themed around the key stages of potty and toilet training, they’ll be riding the Toilet Train in no time.


Bing All Aboard The Toilet Train Book. In this Interactive sound book, join Bing on a toilet training adventure. Bing doesn’t use his potty anymore – he uses the big toilet, and you can too!

Catch the Toilet Train, press the sound button and join in the fun. Choo! Choo! Perfect for encouraging young children to use the toilet with confidence.


Bing My Reward Chart Book. A great sticker activity book for Bingsters! Reward little ones with Bing stickers for completing everyday tasks such as tidying up, sharing, brushing their teeth and toilet training. 

The stickers are reusable so once they've filled in their chart for the week, you can pull them off and use them again the following week.



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